locatie: Theaterzaal van Het Wilde Westen

aanvang: 12u00 - 13u00 

Iedereen = welkom!


The 9th grade music class of Oulunkylän Yhteiskoulu in Helsinki, a local high school is visiting the Cereolfabriek.

Every year this music class travels to some country outside Finland to sing and play as their final big project before their junior high school ends. This year the 9th graders will visit The Netherlands.


The music class has 32 kids, all born 2002. They play various instruments and sing. For the trip they will rehearse roughly 60 minutes of music with different lineups. They will have a rhythm section, vocal soloists, vocal groups and some instrumental soloists. The music is mainly popular music of various styles. (They do play as an orchestra, too, but for the trip having all the various instruments with them is not practical, so they travel a bit lighter and choose their repertoire according to that).